Audit and Advisory

  1. System Audits.

This is a disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of a system. Audits are carried out in order to verify that the individual elements within the system are effective and suitable in achieving the stated objectives.

Why you need a system Audit,

  • Evaluate the systems and processes in place that secure company data.
  • Determine risks to a company’s information assets and help identify methods to minimize those risks.
  • Ensure information management processes are in compliance with IT-specific laws, policies and standards.
  • Increase the satisfaction and security of the users of these computerized systems
  • Guarantee confidentiality and integrity through professional security and control systems
  • Educate on the control of information systems, since it is a very changing and relatively new sector, so it is necessary to educate users of these computerized processes

2. Vulnerability & Penetration Testing.

A penetration test is a simulation of a hacker attack on a network, system, application or website used to discover existing weaknesses before hackers find and exploit them.We determine feasibility of an attack and the amount of business impact of a successful network compromise. We test and report all potential vulnerabilities both externally and internally that result from improper system configuration, hardware or software flaws and missing patches.

Why Penetration Testing (PEN TEST)

  • Secure critical network infrastructure
  • Protect Organization from financial loss through fraud hacking
  • Preventing financial loss through fraud (hackers, extortionists and disgruntled employees)
  • Protecting your brand by avoiding loss of consumer confidence and business reputation.

Proving due diligence and compliance to your industry regulators, customers and shareholders.

  • Non-compliance can result in your organization losing business, receiving heavy fines, gathering bad PR or ultimately failing.

Vulnerability assessment (VA) is a control that most organisations implement and is a requirement for many security schemes such as PCI DSS.

One way to secure IT assets, is to maintain an awareness of the vulnerabilities in an environment and respond quickly to mitigate potential threats is through regular vulnerability assessment (VA). A vulnerability assessment is a process to identify and quantify the security vulnerabilities in an organization’s environment.

Why do you need a Vulnerability Assessment for your Organization

  • Identify known security exposures before attackers find them.
  • Create an inventory of all the devices on the network, including purpose and system information. This also includes vulnerabilities associated with a specific device.
  • Create an inventory of all devices in the enterprise to help with the planning of upgrades and future assessments.
  • Define the level of risk that exists on the network.
  • Establish a business risk/benefit curve and optimize security investments.