Data & Collection Management

Most organisations generate data routinely as part of their core administrative systems. Your website, CRM, sales and finance systems will all generate data that can be combined to create a comprehensive picture of your organisation and your interaction with your customers or stakeholders.

These separate systems fulfil a role within their designated functions. But you have to pull them together to understand, measure and predict how your organisation operates at the most general level.

With independent systems and software, combining data from different areas of your organisation is no easy task, and this is where we can help. We can help you cross-link your various data sources without interfering with their current function. We then show you how to use these data to learn more about your organisation and spot opportunities for increased sales, efficiency or performance.

We can source external data to complement the data you already have. Potential sources include social media feeds, web API’s, government data (ONS and census data), GIS, health, economic and credit reference data. Whatever information you need, we’ll help you find the right source and integrate these data into your current systems so that they’re ready to use.

We’re familiar with the full range of data formats from simple CSV files and Excel spreadsheets to cloud-based SQL servers and bespoke data architectures. We can help you extend or create the data structures to ensure that you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

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