Information Security

ISO 27001 is the de facto international standard for Information Security Management.

You simply cannot be too careful with the responsibility to ensure the privacy of sensitive and critical information and records and the security of information systems against cyber security threats. While implementation of controls to manage Information, Security is necessary and is the case in most organizations, their effectiveness can only be assured against how well they are organized and monitored.

ISO 27001 improves the level of maturity of the processes for the protection of an organization’s critical information assets by formally specifying a management system intended to bring information security under explicit management control.

The business value of ISO/IEC 27001 stems from its emphasis on aligning the ISMS implementation to the Business strategy.

Why Implement Information Security,

  • The assurance that business risks are managed cost effectively and from a position of risk awareness.
  • Adhering to the standard sends a valuable and important message to customers and key stakeholders, of the businesses’ commitment to Information Security Management.

It provides a framework to manage commercial, contractual and legal obligations

    • Certification gives the business a competitive advantage and what is essentially a license to trade with companies in certain regulated sectors
    • It provides for an interoperability between organizations and(or) within functions in an organization