Quality Management

(ISO 9001) Quality Management standard is a one of the universal standards. This is because of its importance in ensuring that Quality Management is integrated into all business processes. ISO 9001 standard specifies the requirements for a Quality management System that ensures a business consistently delivers products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.


Why have a Quality Management Policy.

  • Establish and organize a formal Quality Management System that can be measured to support management decision making on the quality of the Services and products it offers to its customers.
  • Ensure the satisfaction of its customers, management, employees and other relevant stakeholders
  • Improve business relationships with important stakeholders by ensuring all the organization’s stakeholders’ requirements for products and services are consistently and cost effectively met
  • Continually improve and optimize business processes to ensure consistent delivery of quality services and products – an effective and efficient QMS ensures that the organization is able to deliver quality Services and/or products that meet customer requirements and minimize costs that may be introduced by errors, repeat jobs etc.

Gain a competitive edge over its competitors by demonstrating its commitment to ensuring that it delivers the highest quality products and services by subjecting its processes to independent assessments and certification against the internationally recognized ISO 9001 standard.